Friday, 6 September 2013

What about this then?

What do the following club members have in common?

Garry Walker
Chris Philpott
Matt Turnbull
Elliot Gowland
Gavin Sword
Jenn Batey
Jo Zoppi
Kerry Gowland
Georgia Campbell
Guillaume Zoppi

Following the results at Newbiggin at the weekend, we now actively have 10 GBR internationals amongst us and 1 French international! That doesn't include previous internationals we have.

What an achievement guys, absolutely amazing! I think this calls for a photo!!!  Not bad for a club still in its infancy only one year old with little over 30 members.

And we still have one qualifying event to go unless you want to try out with Garry for Duathlon Euros with a tester in November in Cambridge!

Don't forget though,  this is not all it is about, these achievements aside we are not an Elite club we are a group of individuals who stand by each other, supporting side by side and that has been clearly demonstrated all season.  Carried throughout the ranks within the team, sharing best practice and showing support all the way.

We are growing guys in every sense of the word! Size, Spirit, Support, and  Quality but one thing is this! We will NEVER forget who we are