Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Club presentation evening

This is it! The final stretch and the season is coming to an end!  It may have ended already for some people but we still have a few more outings to go!

The official ending however is not until our inaugural Coalfields RT prize giving night!  A night that we hope will be a celebration of everything we all stand for!

This will be a special night of fun, stories, partying and of course presentations!  But allow me to announce here first....

We have been working extremely hard here behind
The scenes to make this evening as much a success as we have had all season and the hi light of the night, we hope will be a charity auction.

Using all the contacts I have, i have managed to secure some very exclusive signed memorabilia! And as you read this there are more contacts being made.

The charity is the club and some branding the likes we saw at the relays.  So dig deep guys this is your club and it is you that makes it happen.

Anyway enough of the teaser lots will be announced in due course.