Thursday 9 October 2014

Results round-up

A couple of weekend's back, we were also represented at Hartlepool Big Lime triathlon. Had some issues getting the results from this one, but happy to be able to share them now - partly as this was the last race of the season for all of our athletes racing barring Garry, but particularly as this was Matthew Turnbull's last race in CoalfieldsRT colours. While we're very sad to see Matthew move on, we wish him all the best with his continued triathlon career, and I'm sure we can all still make him feel like family when we see him around at events next year :) Anyway - on to the results!
As ever, local competition was hot, but Garry had an excellent race to place 2nd after taking a late entry and racing tired - read his race report below for more info! Next CFRT home was Matthew Turnbull in 5th place, followed by Chris 'the fish' Philpott in 17th (9th in cat) and Mark Cullen just a few minutes behind in 50th place overall - 22nd vet.

Congratulations all - looking good for some strong performances next season :)

Garry's race report:
"Sometimes some of the last minute races where you have a little less time to truly think about it turn out to be amongst a selection of your best!

As I have found out over recent weeks, a couple of late last minute entries to, first of all, the Great North Run and more recently a final local sprint of the season at the Hartlepool Marina Big Lime Triathlon on Sunday.

Not anywhere near my plan but feeling withdrawal symptoms from THAT sprint only a few weeks back up in Newbiggin, I accepted the last number with only 2 days to go!  Racing on the back of a 20km mixed tempo run on Friday evening and an 80km ride over the biggest hills in the region as my regular training session on Saturday morning! My legs were trashed!

Believe it or not I wanted to try racing tired! Following Aberfeldy I knew I needed to ensure my legs were used to that heavy feeling and on Sunday morning they felt like logs!

I entered the water and attempted to stay out of trouble but it turned into a scrap!  What am I doing with my positioning? That's been the last three races now where fists and elbows have been flying! With my swim performances of late you can imagine my surprise hearing of exited the water in 8th place and was only around 30-40 seconds down on the fish!

A quick transition made way for me to stretch my already heavy legs out!  I was immediately up and over the top of the 5 athletes around me and found myself in around third place on the road at the turn point! This position was to swap back and forth with 4th place over the following four laps but on my final mile to transition I put the hammer down to try and open the gap for the run.

Another rapid transition and I saw Paul Brown in front of me around 30 seconds or so gunning down on 1st who was slowing as the race unfolded.  He was soon to catch and take the lead followed by myself in second place now as we turned halfway and headed for home.

Paul has been running and riding well all season and I found myself closing on him step by step.  It must have been down to 20 seconds maybe less now and I noticed an increased frequency at which he was expressing concern and checking over his shoulder!

A sure fine way of giving away you are tiring, I capitalised on this about a mile to go! I kicked hard and closed to within ten seconds! As the finish chute approached I was running out of road! Another 400m and it may have been a different story the elbows may have been sharpening again but I was delighted to cross the line with another strong performance!"