Saturday, 9 August 2014

Go away Bertha, nobody likes you ...

Fingers crossed the weather forecast is wrong again, with the tail end storms of hurricane Bertha predicted to hit Sunday ... just as our team get out racing!
At the first Haven Point triathlon - the new TWFRS event - we have a massive turn out from the club. Best of luck to Jen Batey, Linda Brewis, Lisa Irving, Charlotte Walker, Mark Cullen, Sean Harrion, Gary Maddison, Paul and Andrew Somerville, and Michael and David
Wallace. Should make for excellent racing on this closed road circuit.
Meanwhile, we also have Georgia Campbell, Kris Heskett ans Rob and Chris Wright competing at the Wensleydale 'cheeseman' Triathlon - a brutal affair down in the Yorkshire Dales!
Good luck all, and stay safe out there!