Friday, 19 September 2014

Hartlepool Tri, Harmoors 60 and GS metro hill climbs

Good luck to all racing this weekend, first up on Saturday being James Campbell at the Hardmoors 60 mile event. As many of you will know, James is taking on this challenge for Macmillan cancer support - these were some of his final pre-race thoughts on fb today:

Nine months ago I decided to run this race, nine months of training has been poured into not only finishing but doing so in a decent time. Running 100km is not easy, it requires training, preparation and a lot of mental toughness. Tonight I'll be in bed by 8pm to be up for my race tomorrow. If you're going to the pub tonight please spare the price of a pint, a bag of nuts or that quid you were going to put in the gambler and give it to this good cause instead:

We also have Georgia Campbell running this Saturday at the St Oswalds Way 100km ... though with a last-minute entry it's more of a 'see what happens on the day' sort of affair than James' excellent prep!

Sunday sees 3 of our members - Mark Cullen, Chris Philpott and Matthew Turnbull (racing in CFRT colours for the last time - you'll be missed Mr T!) - racing at one of the last local events of the summer, Hartlepool Tri, in what promises to be a fast and furious event. Good luck boys! And finally we have Chris Barnard racing the GS Metro 2 stage open hill climbs at 11am and 1pm - a particularly tough day on legs already tired out from run training this week!

Good luck all, do let us know how you get on :)