Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Gibside Fruitbowl 2014 Entries Open

Gibside Fruitbowl! Sound sweet right? Wrong!!! Everything you don't like about a race rolled into one, but hey that's only my opinion! And FACT, I know this is not the view shared by the rest of us in this club!!!

In years gone by we have had a great turn out in this race/run/crawl/walk ha ha why? because even though I personally dislike everything about it, it is class!!! A great day out in the grounds of National trusts finest Gibside Chapel near Rowlands Gill.

Entries open today for the race this year and guess what? Having said all that I will be entering again just to mix it with you guys 😄

So come on for a 3rd year running lets create some more brilliant photo opportunities like these......

..... Oh and to get discounted entry, see me pay your £10 subscription to England Athletics and I will get your membership! Saves a couple of quid and worth it if you plan on running a lot more over the season! - Garry