Friday, 7 March 2014

Game On!

With the cross country running coming towards an end now we are quickly approaching the Multisport Racing Season.

For most of us, this is what It is all about! And as the team name suggests, it is expected that we see you out there, representing our team, being proud and donning the Orange and Blue!!! ( or some variation of it )

Get out there and show everyone what it is all about to race hard and have fun while you are doing it!

Last year we hit the scene flying with mass turnouts at numerous events and I hope you are all getting your entries in to get out there again to smash your own respective targets.

We have some great ambition in this club with our own individual goals and aims. Remember it is you that is in charge of your own aspirations! Make your goals SMART! As in business and in life they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and attach a time scale to them!

Listen to your coach or coaches!!! DO what they say! They ARE doing it for YOUR benefit not theirs!!!

If things are not going to plan then communicate! If we/they don't know it's broken then they can't fix it!

Use your common sense and remember - Believe to Achieve

On that note - in less than 24 hours, Garry will have opened the season up for the team down at the Dambuster Duathlon! Always a tough race he has vowed to not throw his helmet into the crowd like was witnessed this time last year by a certain pocket rocket from the coaching team!!!

"Although in new kit, I promise to represent the club with the very same pride and passion like I have since its inception and will be carrying the crest on my chest. I'm nervous but can't wait to get going again and want to pass that excitement on to everyone in the team." - Garry