Sunday, 7 April 2013

SunCity Duathlon

Yet another great weekend in the short history of Coalfields RT. Today saw both Garry and Georgia building on their recent performances of 3rd place and 2nd place by doing a Coalfields Double at the SunCity Duathlon. Both athletes have mirrored each others performances this season which we hope continues. They were not the only podium appearances of the day. Angela came home as second female and Elliot bagged 3rd in the Male race. It doesn't end there! Kerry won 1st senior women after we all realised there was a rule of one prize per person! Had it not been though we would have also won 1st senior man, 1st senior lady, 1st vet man and 1st vet lady!!!

Another fantastic haul and excellent teamwork shown by every member. We truly are showing to be a team people want to be a part of.

Tussle and teamwork of the day had to go to Elliot and Garry who exchanged places on the bike that many times we lost count but running out of T2 together sharing a few words of encouragement this time and a drink. Top work!