Monday, 8 April 2013

Kit Order

Hi everyone! After speaking to Elliot tonight, we are going to put another kit order in on the last day of this month to hopefully get ready for later races in season!!! Also worth thinking about is this kit will be arriving before the winter for cycling and running too!
Have a browse at the brochure link below and let Elliot or Garry know what you would like to order.  We also have a fair bit of kit already purchased if you would like to see sizes (if you ask nicely).

The link does not seem to be working this evening for the brochure but keep checking back. If you email me at I may have a saved copy on desk top but I will take to pool Wednesday night.  Alternatively message me direct and I will give you my number to call me and talk through it.

Lets get more orange and blue out there and be proud!!!