Monday, 15 April 2013

Club Events

The Davy or Davina will be presented to the 'Best of the Best' all round male and female at our annual end of season prize giving evening (date TBC).

After many a conversation about how this is going to work, we have decided the points system and qualifying events that will count towards this accolade.

Don't forget we also have other prizes up for grabs, but the Davy/Davina will be presented purely on performance.

Each athlete has Four qualifying races/results selected from 2 Duathlons, 2 Sprints, 2 Standard Distances and 2 Aquathlons (only one of each format counts).

The races are selected from our Eight selected races, this was the most fair way of making it an all rounder trophy.

Duathlon - Stokesley and Durham
Sprint - Cleveland and Darlington
Standard - Northumberland and Prince Bishops
Aquathlon - Red Venom and Killingworth

The points will be worked out as follows.  In respective 'Overall' male and female events your overall position will be the points you score. Lowest points scorer overall is the winner.

If you race 2 sprints your lowest scoring event will count.  In the event of a tie between 2 athletes, the lowest score in combined events where both athletes competed together will result in the winner.

If anyone has any questions, speak to Garry or Elliot.

Happy Racing everyone lets get out there and paint the country Orange and Blue.