Thursday, 13 March 2014

British Cycling ReAffiliation

I just wanted to make you aware, that the committee received a request about British Cycling re affiliation and We have decided following a discussion and review of finances, that we are to reinstate the clubs membership to the British Cycling Federation.

This affiliation allows our members to peruse their alternative racing ambitions should they wish.

As this is a re affiliation on the back of a decision we made at the AGM to remove it,  we will audit the response and if we find that on this second occasion of affiliation that the membership is not utilised, we will not be re affiliating again and as such, if a member wishes to race British cycling races, it is their responsibility to race either unattached ensuring that there is no association with Coalfields RT for non insurance purposes or they must affiliate to a BCF affiliated club.

I hope that this is clear!  As usual, any questions please ask, I am extremely approachable!

Kindest Regards

Garry Walker
Secretary Coalfields Racing Team