Saturday, 27 July 2013

Racing Update

So I know I've been quiet for a little while but it's not because we have not been active.  I've been away myself racing over in Hamburg in what can only be described as the best experience I've had even better when finishing 14th out of 10000 athletes and 2nd in age category!

Michael Lavander is progressing very well up and about on crutches and moving pretty well.

Now back to the pressing stuff! Racing is still going fast and furious. Tomorrow sees us represented at two events If fit, is racing at Redcar sprint triathlon.  Up in Northumberland at bamburgh and Castles middle distance, we have Steve Williams, Mick Proud, Billy Lamb and Jenn Batey racing.  Good luck to you all guys looking forward to seeing how you get on!

More updates prior to Hebburn Next Week