Sunday, 5 May 2013

Darlington Rotary Triathlon

Wow, what did you do today? Coalfields had another great day out at Darlington Rotary Triathlon bringing home some top prizes all round.  Is it starting to become habit? Well I'm not sure about that but we are all trying extremely hard and all that work in training is starting to pay off.  Everyone was great today again, gathering early at the start to see off our first athletes, and staying to cheer on at the presentation.  Great team spirit all round.  Not sure how I managed it but I even managed to stick my thumbs up on the bike as we passed and spoke on the run!!!

Another fabulous haul of trophies with:
Garry Walker overall and 1st male
Jenn Batey 2nd Female
Elliot Gowland 1st Vet (40+)
Gavin Sword 1st Vet Vintage (50+)

Not just that though guys some great encouraging performance from everyone I will link the results when available