Monday, 15 December 2014

Swim & Run Training Day 18 Jan 2015 (the full story)

If anyone wasn't aware we have an exclusive swim and run training day planned for the 18th Jan 2015; midday to 6 pm.  £55 per person for top quality swim coaching from Tanja Slater and run coaching from Helen Clitheroe (get in touch with Mick P if you want the details)

The session is for a maximum of 25 people and we currently have 21 interested (14 of whom have already paid) -
so only four slots remaining! 

Pass the word around if you know anyone who may be interested and if those who haven't yet paid could confirm they are still intending to come I would appreciate it.

Payment can be made using the link below.

These are the people that have signed up and paid

Steve Williams
Gavin Sword
Matthew Downey
Robert Wright
Wayne Cole
Gavin Richardson
Garry Walker
Lisa Irving
Mick Proud
Angela Campbell
Liam Forbes
Rachel Forbes
Paul Somerville
Chris Wright

The following have secured a place and need to pay (anytime up to the 18th of Jan is fine!).

Linda Brewis
Andrew Somerville
Chris Barnard
Sue barnard
Mark Cullen
Micky Morris
Sean Harrion

Lets see if we can fill the remaining places and have what I'm sure will be a fantastic day and a great way to kick off 2015!


Mick Proud