Monday, 8 September 2014

Harrier League Cross-country 2014/15 + Athletics membership

Information for the up-coming local cross-country season has been released - dates are as follows below! 

Please let Georgia know - over twitter or at the pool - if you-re interested in running any of these events so she can get the club entries sorted. These are a great way to work on run strength over the winter, and can be a fun team afternoon out - hope we can get lots of you out there! 

It doesn't matter how many fixtures you think you'll be able to make - whether all races or just one, it's still worth signing up and coming along. You keep your number all season, so one entry covers you for as many races you want to do.

Dates for north-eastern, northern and national championships are also out - just ask if interested. Though please note that you have to be an England Athletics member for these events! The club itself is England Athletics affiliated - if you want an individual membership we put it in through the club. Only £10 per person, and works the same way as your British Tri membership with a percentage of most race entries, etc. Again, just let Georgia know if you want this sorted :)