Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Important Club Grand Prix News

Important information

It is with great regret, that during the season, rules and regulations have had to be changed for the club Grand Prix and the prizes for the 'Davy' and the 'Davina'.

Unfortunately, due to matters out of our hands, and the cancellation of events that we were using as qualifying spots for the club tournament, we have had to come up with a suitable alternative as to how these prestigious prizes are going to be awarded. A great accolade considering YOUR name could be the first ever on the trophy.

To make it fair for everyone, including new members that have joined during the season, we have decided to let YOU, provide us with your BEST '5' results from any Multisport event this season. Be it Triathlon, Duathlon or Aquathlon.

The way it works is the same. If you finish first in the race you get one point, second, 2, and so on. The overall winner of the trophy awarded to "THE BEST OF THE BEST" is the male and female member who has the lowest score. Now the lowest score can be 5 and in the result of a tie we will look at events competed in together to who to award the trophy to. The Dcision of the committee will be final in this.

Now that is for the best! But you can choose which results to put in! We are introducing a handicap!!! Purely because of the fantastic results seen across the board in the club this season in all gender/age categories. If you wish, give us your results based on your age category positions (the age category of the organiser of the race on that event) as we will be using these as positions when considering the handicap system to level out the playing field allowing everyone to be within a shout.

We must be able to check these results online from the organisers results page so please remember this when supplying your results.

What I am asking is that you send me by return to secretary@coalfieldsrt.com your events and position that you wish to use to be in with a shout. I will then cross reference with the official results and rank.

Good luck everyone. This has been a great season, you have done yourselves and the club proud in the way you have all turned out in droves to,wear Orange and Blue. Lets celebrate in style and finish the season the way we started and the way we intend to next year.

With a BANG. Party time is upon us!!

You are Coalfields, You are what makes Coalfields, your Pride and Passion is what will shape the future.