Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Club Announcement 23.4.13

As we are a growing club and demand has been high for swim time, we regrettably need to announce, that at this present moment in time, swim sessions must remain secured for paid up club members only.  We have recently had potential new members coming through for taster sessions however, this time must be limited, so as not to affect the training of the paid up members we currently have.

As a developing club/team, we are actively looking for and encouraging prospective new members to approach us regarding joining and will allow a limited number of trial sessions so as to get a feel for the ethos and training of the club.  This time must be made by prior arrangement only, through Garry at secretary@coalfieldsrt.com or Elliot at headcoach@coalfieldsrt.com .  

If you have seen first hand what Coalfields are about and wish to discuss joining or membership further, please do not hesitate to email Secretary@coalfieldsrt.com This request will be treated in complete confidentiality and sensitivity however we can discuss the direction of the club and what we are looking to achieve.  

***We are certainly aware that there could potentially be extreme rare circumstances where exceptions to the rule are to be made by majority committee decision. (Disclaimer)

Thank you so much in advance. 

Garry Walker