Saturday, 2 February 2013

"The Lamp" the best of the best

"The Lamp" other wise known as "The Davy" and "The Davina".  Awarded to our overall "Male" and "Female" athletes of the year, these awards are truly for the 'Great'.

At Coalfields Racing Team, we encourage a Racing Ethos and these awards are born out of just that. The committee have sat down and looked at the regional calendar and set up club qualifying events whereby your best results go forward.  They are all rounder awards, which at the present time include Sprint, Standard Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon Events.

A modern day equivalent of the Davy Lamp is the Protector Garforth GR6S flame safety lamp which is used for firedamp testing in all UK coal mines. A modified version of this lamp has been used in the Olympic Flame torch relays. It was used in the relays for the Sydney, Athens, Turin, Beijing, Vancouver and Singapore Youth Olympic Games. It was also used for the Special Olympics Shanghai, Pan American and Central African games and for the London 2012 Summer Olympics relay. 

True Heritage.

What is different about these awards is that 'You' and only 'You' can pick the winner! Based on your combined performances, 'You' influence the outcome.  So get out there and "Train hard, Win easy"!!!!

Qualifying events - 
Duathlon - Stokesley and Durham
Sprint - Cleveland and Darlington
Standard - Northumberland and Prince Bishops
Aquathlon - Killingworth