Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas and New Year Club Races

Let us see out the inaugural year of Coalfields RT and welcome in our first full season with as big a participation at the following 10km run events!

It would be great to see us all out in Orange vests and t-shirts to make our mark to.

On Saturday December 22nd we have the Saltwell Park 10km road race. It is one of England's oldest surviving races and is run on undulating park paths and tracks. Entry details are...

On Sunday January 6th is the Old Monks trail run from Hart village in Hartlepool.  Around 5.5 miles on multi terrain road, paths and trails through woods and fields is great fun and would be a good start to the year for all members.

Keep the date for Old monks free as it is still awaiting confirmation and entries to open.

Inform Garry and Elliot if your doing these and we can plug them on twitter and Facebook. Don't forget to let us know of any other events your doing or have done with results and photos.

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